Dollies Without Borders
a grass roots project


Dollies Without Borders is an ongoing project of making hand-crafted dolls and stuffed animals to be given away in developing countries. It is my dream to make for each of the children in these countries a doll of his or her very own. In countries of such abject poverty, a doll can be the source of fantasy, an object to cuddle and love or simply a pillow.

For us it is also a way to build community. Gone are the days of sewing circles and quilting bees. We've lost the wonderful sewing skills and creativity of our great grandparents. We often find ourselves living at such a fast pace we rarely have time for tea and conversation. The gifts we give are usually store bought and our monetary gifts to the poor are important but faceless.

Dollies Without Borders is an opportunity to truly give a gift from your heart. This is an opportunity to give a gift with love being the only string attached.

Each group of dolls is hand delivered with a hand-made book containing photos of the people making the dolls.

Dollies Without Borders has been featured in The Gainesville Sun and On Par (a publication of the Division of General Pediatrics at the University of Florida).